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HRH Crown Prince Pavlos: Easter Wishes

This year, despite the clashes in the Middle East with the tragic toll in human lives, misery and pain, our memory recalls the transfer of the Holy Light from Jerusalem to Athens. The most important light in the world, the guiding light of the Greek as well as the European civilization, the light manifesting knowledge, truth and direction in our lives.

We hope that this light will guide us back to course towards peace, not only in the Holy Land but also in Ukraine where our Orthodox brothers are trapped in another bitter and brutal conflict that breaks our hearts each day.

 I wish blessed Easter brings happier times to everyone in Greece, in our Diaspora and the rest of the world.

 Happy Easter!

  *The section “Agora – view” with the comments and views of HRH Crown Prince Pavlos will be uploaded on our webpage shortly.          


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