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Prince’s Trust International - 2023 Global Sustainability Award for Europe

Credits: Nikolas Kominis\Studio Kominis.

Prince’s Trust International and Corallia Announce Winners for 2023 Global Sustainability Award for Europe

The Sports Footprint wins Global Sustainability Award with ground-breaking venture that harnesses the power of sport to drive environmental change

In 2023 in Greece alone, almost three quarters of the young people who went through Prince’s Trust International’s employability programmes secured employment or continued their education.

  • The 2023 award was presented to The Sports Footprint by HRH Crown Prince Pavlos.
  • The Stelios Foundation hosted the ceremony in Athens on 14 March 2024.
  • A Greek startup, The Sports Footprint, has been awarded the 2023 Prince’s Trust International Global Sustainability Award for Europe. The awards ceremony was hosted by The Stelios Foundation, under the auspices of the British Embassy in Athens, on 14th March 2024.

The winners, co-founders Ioannis and Evangelos Konstantopoulos were presented the award by HRH Crown Prince Pavlos, Vice-President of Prince’s Trust International, who has been the driving force in Greece.

The Sports Footprint is a ground-breaking venture that harnesses the power of sport to drive environmental change.

“We launched The Sports Footprint in 2022 to make sports sustainable,” said Ioannis Konstantopoulos. “We want to be the game-changers that make carbon neutral sports organizations possible, and that design circular economy action plans that pave the way for further growth of the sport businesses.”

The company was developed under the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme, a programme that was launched in 2018 by Prince’s Trust International and its local partner in Greece, Corallia. The STARTAB Entrepreneurship programme aims to support young people to start their own business and has worked with over 1000 young people since it began delivery.

The programme empowered co-founders Ioannis and Evangelos to turn their concept into a business and supported them to develop their business plan, build their business analysis and negotiation skills and prepare for launch.

Evangelos said: “We work across all types and levels of sport and offer tailor-made sustainability programs that empower clients to become greener in every area of sports business, including energy, food, transport, water, and waste.”

“In under a year, The Sports Footprint has already amassed an impressive list of clients, including the Olympic Sports Complex of Athens, the Hellenic Football Federation and AEK FC, one of the country’s top football clubs.”

In setting up their own business, Ioannis and Evangelos have created jobs for eight others too – a particularly valuable contribution in a country where more than a third of young people are unemployed.


Further Quotes

  • “Continuing our entrepreneurial legacy is vitally important. It is wonderful to see The Prince’s Trust International supporting entrepreneurs like Ioannis and Evangelos — with scores of businesses such as The Sports Footprint, already launched. These young people are turning from job seekers to job creators. I wholeheartedly believe that all young people ought to enjoy the same chances for success, no matter their background or what challenges they may face. No such positive opportunity can be effective if young people are not supported and given access to employment, which is key to their pursuit of personal growth and self-actualisation.” – HRH Prince Pavlos, Vice-President of Prince’s Trust International.
  • “The recognition bestowed upon The Sports Footprint venture underscores the transformative potential of startups and empowerment of young entrepreneurs nurtured within the STARTAB Programme. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ioannis and Evangelos for their visionary leadership and commendable efforts in advancing sustainability within the realm of sports and wish the endeavour a global success.” – Dr. Jorge-A. Sanchez-Papaspiliou, Director of the STARTAB Programme at Corallia.
  • “Organisations like Prince’s Trust International have an important role in supporting young people through education, employment, and enterprise programmes to build their own futures. It is especially important that these programmes are delivered in close collaboration with local partners, building on their expertise and understanding of young people’s needs.” – His Majesty’s Ambassador Matthew Lodge, British Embassy Athens.
  • “The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, with a long track record of supporting with cash awards young entrepreneurs in Greece, is honoured to host today such a significant event at the Stelios Foundation Conference Hall in Plaka, Athens. This event, organized by the Prince’s Trust International and under the auspices of His Majesty’s Ambassador in Athens, celebrates the achievements of young entrepreneurs. I would like to congratulate Ioannis and Evangelos Konstantopoulos of The Sports Footprint for receiving this award from the Prince’s Trust International.” – Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Stelios Philanthropic Foundation.

At the following link, you will find Prince Pavlos’ speech.


Credits: Nikolas Kominis\Studio Kominis.


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